The SODALES consortium consists of 5 partners including:

  • One technological SME (ETHERNITY)
  • One technological Corporation (PTI)
  • Two research centres (HHI, I2CAT)
  • One academic organisation (UESSEX)

These highly complementary partner profiles indicate that all the required expertise and knowledge is strongly represented within the consortium. All the research topics are perfectly covered with an excellent combination of research and industry resources. This guarantees a quick and successful knowledge transfer to the European industry.

The project coordinator is I2CAT Foundation, an R&D institution with vast experience on research projects. I2CAT is expert on software design and implementation applied to telecom networks and has several references of success in FP7-funded projects, i2CAT foundation will offer all its expertise in control and management planes, very well contrasted by these projects in which i2CAT is participating

ETHERNITY Networks has a vast experience on FPGA programming and its product portfolio comprises several solutions of low cost processors for networking that will be used for the ARN design and the CPE implementation. Additionally, ETHERNITY is very active in patents and standardization bodies, which will help the SODALES consortium to give visibility of the developments. They are system manufacturers for large vendors, which guarantees a fluent flow of the SODALES results to commercialization.

PTI has a long tradition in telecommunication from research to the development of network solutions as well as network planning. PTI has developed solutions for access, aggregation and core network in diverse technologies as PDH, SDH, xDSL, MPLS and GPON. PTI has one field trial (DELTA – Demonstration Environment for Leading Technologies and Architectures) running for the past 8 years in the metropolitan area of Aveiro, including real residential users, where new prototypes, products, solutions, applications and architectures are introduced, tested and validated. As the R&D branch of Portugal Telecom group, PTI has a close cooperation with the planning and operation teams of the several telcos participated by the PT group, providing PTI with an inside vision of the telecom operator business and networks.

UESSEX will complete i2CAT’s knowledge on management planes with its experience on the physical layers, network and device design and radio interfacing. The participating group of UESSEX has been involved in several combined radio/fibre initiatives.

Finally, HHI will contribute with its experience on interfacing and device design.

In conclusion, the SODALES partners form a well-balanced consortium, with huge experience in the specification, technological development, integration, assessment (validation) and business exploitation of RF/wireless/photonic assemblies, LTE/4G and beyond and subsystem development as well the operation and deployment of communication networks.