Ethernity Networks

Ethernity networks

Ethernity Networks is a fabless semiconductor company funded in 2004 and is a leading vendor of customized, field upgradeable networking solution for Telecom industry. Backed up with strong technological, product and commercial track records, Ethernity technology offers clear differentiation as proven by its multiple generating revenues customers. Ethernity plays in the Broadband Access, Metro Ethernet and Mobile Backhaul arena, which are the growth engines of telecommunications for the next decade.  Ethernity core competency includes the design of hardware, board, FPGA and ASIC. As well as developing a unique Fabric Processor integrating Flow base processor, traffic manager and configurable framer on a single ultra low cost FPGA.

This enables Telecom equipment manufacturers to receive a customized solution at the interface and functionality level, to achieve differentiation, to quickly responds to changing market needs, and to offer a mass production solution which is based on FPGA that supports field upgradability and does not require additional spending or conversion to ASIC.

The combination of improvement in FPGA process at 28nm process coupled with the unique IP developed by Ethernity offers a competitive solution that can compete with any off the shelf components vendors on performance, functionality, price and power consumption.

The field proven wire speed pipeline processing architecture enabling the support of up to 20Gbps. It composed of several programmable atomic engines coupled with unique integration with low cost DRAM memories. The technology includes search engine that supports up to 128,000 entries without the need for expensive TCAM, wire speed easy to program packet editor, segmentation and reassembly technology that support multiple size of fragment frames, hierarchical traffic management, and wire speed multicast for advanced triple play services. Ethernity offer the lowest cost architecture available today.