Portugal Telecom Inovação

PT Inovaçao

PORTUGAL TELECOM Inovacao (PTI) is the branch for innovation in telecommunications within the Portugal Telecom (PT) Group. The company was created in May, 1999 and is fully owned and operated by PT. Headquartered in Aveiro, this organisation also operates regional poles in Oporto and Lisbon, as well as a subsidiary company in Sao Paulo, Brazil. PT Inovacao is the Group’s technology anchor through the development of innovative solutions and services that make it a market leader, both in Portugal and abroad. PTI acts inside the PT Group as an instrumental company that supports all the companies of the group in terms of new technologies and applications development and therefore being at the leading edge in the telecommunications area. PTI is joining this project with high expectations in making sure that the experimental results are of high value for real implementation to be deployed and enter into its commercial phase. The interoperatibility of different technologies are important aspects that network operators belonging to the PT Group will face in the near future and that PTI intend to address on this project.