The SOftware-Defined Access using Low-Energy Subsystems (SODALES) project aims to develop a novel wireless access interconnection service that offers transparent transport services (syncE based) for fixed and mobile subscribers to support 10Gbps fixed access and LTE and beyond radio technologies on a convergent network architecture.

SODALES key developments

  • Active Remote Node (ARN) that provides aggregation and radio interfacing for fixed and mobile subscribers
  • Low cost 10Gbps CPE for FTTH and fixed radio access
  • Advanced control and management plane with open-access and multi-operator functionalities

Project data

  • Duration 36 months
  • Total budget 2.801.084EUR
  • Grant request 1.989.000EUR
  • # of partners 5
  • Person months 281

Project context

The SODALES project aims to develop its activities for the Challenge 1: Pervasive and Trustworthy Network and Service Infrastructures and will target outcomes in topics a), b) and c) of the ICT-2011.1.1 Future Networks framework programme, which are:

  1. Wireless and mobile broadband systems
  2. High capacity end-to-end infrastructure technologies
  3. Novel Internet architectures, management and operation frameworks